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Scanahand – FAQ

Before consulting this list, please check to make sure you are running the latest version. Please consult the Scanahand changelog to see the current version as available for download. To see the version within your software, do open the About box which is available through the Help menu item.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Scanahand and FontCreator?

You can use Scanahand to generate a font based on your own handwriting within a matter of minutes. FontCreator allows you to create and edit fonts with vector tools, so it's more sophisticated and has more features like auto complete composites, OpenType layout features (kerning, ligatures, etc), validation, but takes more time.

My scanner is not recognized by Scanahand. How do I get my filled in template into Scanahand?
Scan the template with the software that came with the scanner, or use any other application that does recognize the scanner. Store (save to file) the scanned image and load it into Scanahand for further processing.
Can I use Scanahand on a Tablet PC?
Scanahand has no direct support for drawing directly on the template, but you can save the template to file and edit it through your image editing software. If supported, you could add an additional layer for guidelines to help you draw your characters on the baseline.
I find it hard to write the characters on the imaginary baseline. What can I do to get a more even handwriting?

There are several options:

  • Place a paper with horizontal lines below your empty template. The guidelines should shine through the paper.
  • With a pencil and a ruler, draw a very light line through the baseline guidelines. Then when you've drawn all characters, erase the line.
  • Save the scanned template onto your hard disk. Open it in your paint software, and move the floating characters up or down. Then load it back into Scanahand.
  • Another approach is to enable the colored guide line that represents the baseline through the Template page on the Options dialog.
Can I make some changes to the letter spacing?
No, such adjustments require a font editor. We suggest you use FontCreator to make adjustments to specific glyphs.
The ink bleeds, what can I do to prevent this from happening?

Either try another pen, or use coated paper.

Can I create true cursive fonts (where characters in a word are connected) with Scanahand?
Cursive fonts with swashes are not possible with Scanahand as the side-bearings are generated automatically. You can however use Scanahand as a basis, and then use FontCreator to further improve your font.
Is the user manual available in other languages?
Sorry, our user manuals are currently only available in English.

If your question isn't answered here, do visit our forum as it contains useful information and it allows you to post questions that are likely to be answered within a couple of hours.