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Features and Benefits

Here is a list that shows the most important features and benefits. For more in-depth feature descriptions, feel free to consult the manual and the forum.

  • Personalize your correspondence by creating a font in your actual handwriting
  • Make your presentations stand out by using unique fonts that captivate your audience
  • Add your signature to a font for quick insertion using any Windows program
  • Develop a distinctive look for your home and business communications
  • Use your own handwriting on letters, greeting cards, and scrapbook projects
  • Make a suite of fonts so you'll always put the right face on your correspondence
  • Share your fonts with friends and family, on their Windows or Mac OS X computers
  • Capture your child's handwriting as it improves over the years
  • Save time writing holiday cards, while adding a personal touch
  • Design fonts that let your personality shine through
  • Develop an extensive library of fonts to cater to various occasions, moods, or branding requirements
  • Turn icons, company logos, or any line art into font characters
  • Create engaging educational materials by incorporating fonts that mimic handwritten notes, ideal for educators and homeschooling parents
  • Decide what characters to include in your fonts, with the built in template editor
  • Whether it's designing invitations, labels, or home decor, having custom fonts at your disposal adds a professional touch to your DIY endeavors
  • Have fun, while exercising your creativity