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MainType – FAQ

Before consulting this list, please check to make sure you are running the latest version. Please consult the MainType changelog to see the current version as available for download. To see the version within your software, do open the About box which is available through the Help menu item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MainType available for a Mac?

No, our font manager runs on Windows only.

I can't see my vector, raster and multiple master fonts, how can I enable them?
We've decided to no longer support them, as these old font formats are no longer used by the majority of desktop software.
Can I change the Preview Text?
Yes, the preview text items, used as preview text in the font list panel, can be changed. Just type in the edit field, or go to the Options dialog to change, add or delete preview text items.
What is PANOSE?
It is a method of classifying fonts by giving them a number.
Is the user manual available in other languages?
Sorry, our user manuals are currently only available in English.

If your question isn't answered here, do visit our forum as it contains useful information and it allows you to post questions that are likely to be answered within a couple of hours.