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FontCreator 13 released - March 18, 2020

We've just released FontCreator 13, coming with several improvements and new features that will help you build awesome fonts.

The most impressive improvements are:

  • Interactive proofing of OpenType layout features
  • Support for OpenType SVG color fonts
  • Improved Color Export options
  • Enhanced Anchor Manager
  • Improved Auto Attach
  • Improved Shaping Engine

OpenType Proofing

FontCreator has all the tools you need to create professional fonts, but it wasn't always easy to locate and fix potential problems in your OpenType layout features. That is why we've made the new interactive proofing tool.

You can read more about it here:

Font Proofing – OpenType Layout Features Unleashed

OpenType Color Fonts

The OpenType font format contains two scalable color font extensions, CPAL and SVG. FontCreator supports them both.

Layout Engine

The layout engine is responsible for the correct display of text, based on the available OpenType layout features. This allows our font editor to preview text similar to how it is seen in other software like Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Serif Affinity Designer, and web browsers. We've made several improvements, so it is now perfect with most common scripts, and with some complex scripts like Arabic. We will continue to improve it, but with limited resources it would be great to know what specific improvements you would like to see in a future release.

Get it

You can download FontCreator 13 from our download page. Please use our forum to discuss the new features; enjoy!